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eCM pre-production manuscripts

Manuscripts listed in this page have been accepted for publication but have not been edited following eCM guidelines yet; therefore, they do not have a DOI assigned. The PDF uploaded is the latest version submitted by the authors.

Angrisani et al. Histology of tendon and enthesis ľ suitable techniques for specific research questions (PDF) [unedited version, 05-04-22]

Gomez-Collignon et al. Single cell multi-omics characterise discrete human tendon cells populations that persist in vitro and on fibrous scaffolds (PDF) [unedited version, 17-05-22]

Satz-Jacobowitz et al. Macromolecular crowding enhances fibrillin-1 deposition in the extracellular matrix (PDF) [unedited version, 18-05-22]