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Special Issues

eCM Special issues are focussed on hot topics in research within the scope of eCM. The special issues have invited guest editors from the topic area and run within the focussed themes. eCM special issues allow both invited papers (including reviews, tutorial papers, letter to the editor) and open submitted research papers. All papers (invited and open submitted) undergo full peer review. Special Issues' manuscripts can be submitted until the indicated deadline but will be published immediately upon acceptance. All accepted manuscripts will receive a 25% discount on the Article Processing Charge (APC), i.e. 750CHF instead of 1000CHF.

Tendons and Ligaments Special Issue

This Special Issue aims to deliver an up-to-date synopsis on tendon stem/progenitor cell biology under degenerative and regenerative conditions, cell-to-matrix/material interactions controlling cell behaviour, 3D niches/models, tendon engineering and biofabrication strategies as well as repair/regeneration models. We encourage researchers to contribute to this Special Issue with original research or review articles along the above-described topics.

Keywords: Tendon, ligament, enthesis, myotendinous junction, stem/progenitor cells, cell differentiation, biomechanics, extracellular matrix, degeneration, injury/rupture, biomaterials, 3D niche, tissue engineering, biofabrication, repair, regeneration.

Submission deadline: 31st of August 2021

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Bone Mechanics and Mechanobiology

This Special Issue aims to provide a current overview of the complex interplay between the mechanics and biology of bone health, highlighting novel insights across all scales from the protein through the cell to the tissue and organ, afforded by advances in imaging, experimental mechanics, simulation, in vitro and in vivo model systems. Researchers studying all aspects of bone mechanics and mechanobiology, with a strong link to bone metabolism, are encouraged to submit original research or review articles to this Special Issue.

Keywords: Bone mechanics, bone mechanobiology, bone constituents, biofabrication, cell-scaffold interaction, bone-implant interaction, in vitro models, simulation, bone remodelling, disease modelling, cell signalling, mechanosensitivity.

Submission deadline: 31st of October 2021

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