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1) The chondrogenic differentiation potential of dental pulp stem cells
A Longoni, L Utomo, IEM van Hooijdonk, GKP Bittermann, VC Vetter, EC Kruijt Spanjer, J Ross, AJWP Rosenberg, D Gawlitta

2) Revisiting the “race for the surface” in a pre-clinical model of implant infection
SM Shiels, LH Mangum, JC Wenke

3) Intervertebral disc and endplate cell characterisation highlights annulus fibrosus cells as the most promising for tissue-specific disc degeneration therapy
P De Luca, M Castagnetta, L de Girolamo, S Coco, M Malacarne, E Ragni, M Viganò, G Lugano, M Brayda-Bruno, D Coviello, A Colombini

4) The nucleus pulposus microenvironment in the intervertebral disc: the fountain of youth?
 J Guerrero, S Häckel, AS Croft, S Hoppe, CE Albers, B Gantenbein

5) 3D distribution of perlecan within intervertebral disc chondrons suggests novel regulatory roles for this multifunctional modular heparan sulphate proteoglycan
AJ Hayes, J Melrose

6) Functional cell phenotype induction with TGF-β1 and collagen-polyurethane scaffold for annulus fibrosus rupture repair
J Du, RG Long, T Nakai, D Sakai, LM Benneker, G Zhou, B Li, D Eglin, JC Iatridis, M Alini, S Grad, Z Li

7) IL-1β-pre-conditioned mesenchymal stem/stromal cells’ secretome modulates the inflammatory response and aggrecan deposition in intervertebral disc
JR Ferreira, GQ Teixeira, E Neto, C Ribeiro-Machado, AM Silva, J Caldeira, C Leite Pereira, S Bidarra, AF Maia, M Lamghari, MA Barbosa, RM Gonçalves

8) Non-viral reprogramming of human nucleus pulposus cells with FOXF1 via extracellular vesicle delivery: an in vitro and in vivo study
S Tang, A Salazar-Puerta, J Richards, S Khan, JA Hoyland, D Gallego-Perez, B Walter, N Higuita-Castro, D Purmessur

9) Balancing biological and biomechanical performance in intervertebral disc repair: a systematic review of injectable cell delivery biomaterials
CJ Panebianco, JH Meyers, J Gansau, WW Hom, JC Iatridis

10) Degenerative lumbar disc disease: in vivo data support the rationale for the selection of appropriate animal models
M Fusellier, J Clouet, O Gauthier, M Tryfonidou, C Le Visage, J Guicheux

1) Recent advances in hydrogels for cartilage tissue engineering
SL Vega, MY Kwon, JA Burdick

2) On the origin and impact of mesenchymal stem cell heterogeneity: new insights and emerging tools for single cell analysis
CM McLeod, RL Mauck

3) Sustained intra-cartilage delivery of low dose dexamethasone using a cationic carrier for treatment of post traumatic osteoarthritis
AG Bajpayee, RE De la Vega, M Scheu, NH Varady, IA Yannatos, LA Brown, Y Krishnan, TJ Fitzsimons, P Bhattacharya, EH Frank, AJ Grodzinsky, RM Porter

4) Lengthening primary cilia enhances cellular mechanosensitivity
M Spasic, CR Jacobs

5) In vivo and in vitro degradation comparison of pure Mg, Mg-10Gd and Mg-2Ag: a short term study
I Marco, A Myrissa, E Martinelli, F Feyerabend, R Willumeit-Römer, AM Weinberg, O Van der Biest

6) Autologous bilayered self-assembled skin substitutes (SASSs) as permanent grafts: a case series of 14 severely burned patients indicating clinical effectiveness
L Germain, D Larouche, B Nedelec, I Perreault, L Duranceau, P Bortoluzzi, C Beaudoin Cloutier, H Genest, L Caouette-Laberge, A Dumas, A BussiŤre, E Boghossian, J Kanevsky, Y Leclerc, J Lee, MT Nguyen, V Bernier, BM Knoppers8, VJ Moulin, FA Auger

7) Induced pluripotent stem cells for cartilage repair: current status and future perspectives
R Castro-Viñuelas, C Sanjurjo-Rodríguez, M Piñeiro-Ramil, T Hermida-Gómez, IM Fuentes-Boquete, FJ de Toro-Santos, FJ Blanco-García, SM Díaz-Prado

8) In vitro and in vivo effects of PDGF-BB delivery strategies on tendon healing: a review
O Evrova, J Buschmann

9) Mesenchymal stem cell secretome reduces pain and prevents cartilage damage in a murine osteoarthritis model
S Khatab, GJVM van Osch, N Kops, YM Bastiaansen-Jenniskens, PK Bos, JAN Verhaar, MR Bernsen, GM van Buul

10) Clinical use of stem cells in orthopaedics
G-I. Im


1) Osteogenesis and angiogenesis: The potential for engineering bone
JM Kanczler, ROC Oreffo

2) Properties of the amniotic membrane for potential use in tissue engineering
Niknejad H, Peirovi H, Jorjani M, Ahmadiani A, Ghanavi J, Seifalian AM

3) Collagen-hydroxyapatite composites for hard tissue repair
DA Wahl, JT Czernuszka

4) Role and regulation of RUNX2 in osteogenesis
M Bruderer, RG Richards, M Alini, MJ Stoddart

5) Substrate stiffness affects early differentiation events in embryonic stem cells
ND Evans, C Minelli, E Gentleman, V LaPointe, SN Patankar, M Kallivretaki, X Chen, CJ Roberts, MM Stevens

6) Osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells is regulated by osteocyte and osteoblast cells in a simplified bone niche
E Birmingham, GL Niebur, PE McHugh, G Shaw, FP Barry, LM McNamara

7) Osteoinductive biomaterials: current knowledge of properties, experimental models and biological mechanisms
AMC Barradas, H Yuan, CA van Blitterswijk, P Habibovic

8) Bone development and its relation to fracture repair. The role of mesenchymal osteoblasts and surface osteoblasts
F Shapiro

9) In search of an osteoblast cell model for in vitro research
EM Czekanska, MJ Stoddart, RG Richards, JS Hayes

10) Roles of inflammatory and anabolic cytokines in cartilage metabolism: signals and multiple effectors converge upon MMP-13 regulation in osteoarthritis 
MB Goldring, M Otero, DA Plumb, C Dragomir, M Favero, K El Hachem, K Hashimoto, HI Roach, E Olivotto, RM Borzì, KB Marcu