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1) Regulators of collagen crosslinking in developing and adult tendons
AJ Ellingson, NM Pancheri, NR Schiele

2) Osteogenic differentiation of human dental pulp stem cells in decellularised adipose tissue solid foams
J Luzuriaga, P García-Gallastegui, N García-Urkia, JR Pineda, I Irastorza, F-J Fernandez-San-Argimiro, N Briz, B Olalde, F Unda, I Madarieta, G Ibarretxe

3) Tissue engineering approaches for the repair and regeneration of the anterior cruciate ligament: towards 3D bioprinted ACL-on-chip
E Bakirci, OT Guenat, SS Ahmad, B Gantenbein

4) Innate and adaptive immune system cells implicated in tendon healing and disease
G Crosio, AH Huang

5) Controversies in regenerative medicine: should knee joint osteoarthritis be treated with mesenchymal stromal cells?
R Ossendorff, SG Walter, FA Schildberg, M Khoury, GM Salzmann

6) Biomechanics of the anterior cruciate ligament under simulated molecular degradation
M Adouni, A Gouissem, F Al khatib, A Eilaghi

7) Nanostructured fibrin-based hydrogel membranes for use as an augmentation strategy in Achilles tendon surgical repair in rats
D González-Quevedo, D Sánchez-Porras, Ó-D García-García, J Chato-Astrain, M Díaz-Ramos, A Campos, V Carriel, F Campos

8) Mechanical and strain behaviour of human Achilles tendon during in vitro testing to failure
CV Nagelli, A Hooke, N Quirk, CL De Padilla, TE Hewett, M van Griensven, M Coenen, L Berglund, CH Evans, SA Müller

9) GRP78 promotes the osteogenic and angiogenic response in periodontal ligament stem cells
A Merkel, Y Chen, C Villani, A George

10) Osteochondral explants for diarthrodial joint diseases: bridging the gap between bench and bedside
KH Li, Y Zhu, PH Zhang, M Alini, S Grad, Z Li

1) Dexamethasone: chondroprotective corticosteroid or catabolic killer?
R Black, AJ Grodzinsky

2) Woven bone overview: structural classification based on its integral role in developmental, repair and pathological bone formation throughout vertebrate groups
F Shapiro, JY Wu

3) Biology of soft tissue repair: gingival epithelium in wound healing and attachment to the tooth and abutment surface
S Gibbs, S Roffel, M Meyer, A Gasser

4) Biofabrication of multiscale bone extracellular matrix scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
FE Freeman, DC Browe, J Nulty, S Von Euw, WL Grayson, DJ Kelly

5) Cells under pressure – the relationship between hydrostatic pressure and mesenchymal stem cell chondrogenesis
G Pattappa, J Zellner, B Johnstone, D Docheva, P Angele

6) Advances of hyaluronic acid in stem cell therapy and tissue engineering, including current clinical trials
E López-Ruiz, G Jiménez, L Álvarez de Cienfuegos, C Antich, R Sabata, JA Marchal, P Gálvez-Martín

7) The effects of ageing on dental pulp stem cells, the tooth longevity elixir
I Iezzi, P Pagella, M Mattioli-Belmonte, TA Mitsiadis

8) Carrageenan enhances chondrogenesis and osteogenesis in human bone marrow stem cell culture
V Graceffa, DI Zeugolis

9) Vibration treatment modulates macrophage polarisation and enhances early inflammatory response in oestrogen-deficient osteoporotic-fracture healing
SK-H Chow, Y-N Chim, J Wang, N Zhang, RM-Y Wong, N Tang, K-S Leung, W-H Cheung

10) Effective use of mesenchymal stem cells in human skin substitutes generated by tissue engineering
MA Martin-Piedra, CA Alfonso-Rodriguez, A Zapater, D Durand-Herrera, J Chato-Astrain, F Campos, MC Sanchez-Quevedo, M Alaminos, I Garzon


1) Animal models for implant biomaterial research in bone: A review
AI Pearce, RG Richards, S Milz, E Schneider, SG Pearce

2) Osteogenesis and angiogenesis: The potential for engineering bone
JM Kanczler, ROC Oreffo

3) Properties of the amniotic membrane for potential use in tissue engineering
H Niknejad, H Peirovi, M Jorjani, A Ahmadiani, J Ghanavi, AM Seifalian

4) Collagen-Hydroxyapatite Composites for Hard Tissue Repair
DA Wahl, JT Czernuszka

5) Role and regulation of RUNX2 in osteogenesis
M Bruderer, RG Richards, M Alini, MJ Stoddart

6) Osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells is regulated by osteocyte and osteoblast cells in a simplified bone niche
E Birmingham, GL Niebur, PE McHugh, G Shaw, FP Barry, LM McNamara

7) Osteoinductive biomaterials: current knowledge of properties, experimental models and biological mechanisms
AMC Barradas, H Yuan, CA van Blitterswijk, P Habibovic

8) Substrate stiffness affects early differentiation events in embryonic stem cells
ND Evans, C Minelli, E Gentleman, V LaPointe, SN Patankar, M Kallivretaki, X Chen, CJ Roberts, MM Stevens

9) In search of an osteoblast cell model for in vitro research
EM Czekanska, MJ Stoddart, RG Richards, JS Hayes

10) Roles of inflammatory and anabolic cytokines in cartilage metabolism: signals and multiple effectors converge upon MMP-13 regulation in osteoarthritis 
MB Goldring, M Otero, DA Plumb, C Dragomir, M Favero, K El Hachem, K Hashimoto, HI Roach, E Olivotto, RM Borzì, KB Marcu