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eCM Graphical Abstracts Guidelines

The graphical abstract is one single-panel, horizontal (landscape orientation) rectangular image that is designed to give readers an immediate understanding of the take-home message of the paper. It should be simple, but informative.

Technical requirements are as follows:

  • Size: 858 × 229 pixels (X-Y axes) at 400 dpi.
  • Font style: Arial
  • Font size: 10-16
  • Accepted file type: PNG, JPG
  • Content: the abstract should summarise the findings of the manuscript
  • Colours: Effective use of colour is encouraged for increasing the aesthetic quality of the graphical abstracts and directing the reader's attention to focal points of interest
  • The graphical abstracts should be drawn within a box of the indicated size (858 × 229 pixels)

The graphical abstract should:

  • Have a clear start and end, "reading" from left to right
  • Emphasise the take-home message of the paper
  • Not include data items of any type; all the content should be in a graphical form
  • Use simple labels
  • The use of text should be limited

Example 1.

  • The panel tells a story from left to right
  • Names are present only in the first panel for designation of the objects
  • Italics font is used for bacteria names (or any latin-origin name)


Example 2.

  • The panel tells a story from left to right
  • The bottom legend clarifies the meaning of the abstract objects