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2018   Volume No 35 – pages 365-385

Title: Calcium and vitamin D in bone fracture healing and post-traumatic bone turnover

Authors: V Fischer, M Haffner-Luntzer, M Amling, A Ignatius

Address: Institute of Orthopaedic Research and Biomechanics, University of Ulm, Helmholtzstraße 14, 89081 Ulm, Germany

E-mail: anita.ignatius at

Abstract: Calcium and vitamin D are essential for maintaining bone health. Therefore, deficiencies in calcium and vitamin D are major risk factors for osteoporosis development. Because sufficient amounts of calcium are also required for fracture-callus mineralisation, compromised bone repair that is frequently observed in osteoporotic patients might be attributed to calcium and vitamin D deficiencies. Consequently, calcium and vitamin D supplementation represents a potential strategy for treating compromised fracture healing in osteoporotic patients. Growing clinical evidence suggests that a fracture event may induce post-traumatic bone loss in the non-fractured skeleton, particularly in osteoporotic patients, which might further exacerbate osteoporosis and increase the risk of secondary fractures. Because the skeleton represents the main source of calcium, which is increasingly required during fracture-callus mineralisation, post-traumatic calcium mobilisation might occur under conditions of insufficient calcium and vitamin D status. However, to date, investigations of the roles of calcium and vitamin D in bone repair and post-traumatic bone turnover are very limited.
   The current review summarises the state of the literature, focusing on the role of calcium and vitamin D in fracture healing and post-traumatic bone turnover, and critically discusses the therapeutic potential of calcium and vitamin D supplementation in this context.

Key Words: Calcium, vitamin D, fracture healing, post-traumatic bone loss, osteoporosis.

Publication date: June 22nd 2018

Article download: Pages 365-385

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