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2020   Volume No 40 – pages 58-73

Title: Enrichment and preserved functionality of multipotential stromal cells in bone marrow concentrate processed by vertical centrifugation

Authors: JJ El-Jawhari, DC Ilas, W Jones, R Cuthbert, E Jones, PV Giannoudis

Address: Leeds General Infirmary, School of Medicine, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK

E-mail: pgiannoudi at

Abstract: The concentration of bone marrow (BM) aspirate (BMA) is increasingly valued for bone and cartilage repair, particularly with the rarity and donor-variability of BM-multipotential stromal cells (BM-MSCs). The present study aimed to assess BM-MSC yield following BM concentration using a fast and compact-sized vertical centrifugation system. BMA concentrate (BMAC) was separated in a 1 min process and collected easily after an automatic discarding of plasma and red blood cells. A significant increase in CD45low CD271high cells per BMAC volume (measured using flow-cytometry) was noted (4-fold, p = 0.0001). Additionally, the vertical centrifugation system helped to enrich colony numbers (assessed by CFU-F assays) in BMAC comparably with conventional centrifugation systems, BioCUE™ and SmartPReP-2® (4.3-fold, 4.6-fold and 3-fold, respectively). Next, a functional assessment of BM-MSCs processed by vertical centrifugation was performed, and MSC viability and proliferation were not affected. Also, these BM-MSCs showed similar alkaline phosphatase and calcium levels to those of BMA-MSCs when osteogenically induced. Furthermore, glycosaminoglycans and Nile red levels in addition to the gene expression assays confirmed that there was no significant change in chondrogenic or adipogenic abilities between BMA-MSCs and BMAC-MSCs. The expression levels of selected angiogenic and immunomodulatory mediators were also similar between the two groups. Collectively, the vertical centrifugation system helped to enrich BM-MSCs effectively, while maintaining cell viability and functions. Thus, such a vertical centrifugation system for BM concentration can be valuable for various regenerative therapies.

Key Words: Multipotential stromal cells, bone marrow concentration, vertical centrifugation, regeneration, osteogenesis, chondrogenesis, angiogenesis, immunomodulation.

Publication date: August 4th 2020

Article download: Pages 58-73 (PDF file)

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