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2021   Volume No 41 – pages 316-331

Title: The role of bone anabolic drugs in the management of periodontitis: a scoping review

Authors: G Cecoro, M Paoletta, M Annunziata, L Laino, L Nastri, F Gimigliano, S Liguori, G Toro, A Moretti, L Guida, G Iolascon

Address: Department of Medical and Surgical Specialties and Dentistry, University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”, 80138 Naples, Italy

E-mail: antimo.moretti at

Abstract: The aim of this scoping review was to summarise current knowledge about the effects of bone anabolic drugs on periodontitis, in order to identify new therapeutic strategies for preventing disease progression and reducing tooth loss. A technical expert panel (TEP) was established of 11 medical specialists, including periodontists and bone specialists that followed the PRISMA-ScR model to perform the scoping review and considered for eligibility both pre-clinical and clinical studies published in the English language up to September 2020. 716 items were initially found. After duplicate removal and screening of articles for eligibility criteria, 25 articles published between 2001 and 2019 were selected. Only studies concerning teriparatide, strontium ranelate, sclerostin antibodies and DKK1 antibodies met the eligibility criteria. In particular, only for teriparatide were there both clinical studies and experimental studies available, while for other bone anabolic drugs only animal studies were found. Available evidence about the use of bone anabolic drugs in periodontology demonstrates beneficial effects of these agents on biological pathways and histological parameters involved in periodontal tissue regeneration that suggest relevant clinical implications for the management of periodontitis.

Key Words: Periodontitis, parathyroid hormone, teriparatide, strontium ranelate, romosozumab, calvarial bone defect, alveolar bone, DKK-1 antibodies, sclerostin antibodies.

Publication date: March 18th 2021

Article download: Pages 316-331 (PDF file)

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