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2021   Volume No 42 – pages 139-153

Title: Application of a BMP2-binding heparan sulphate to promote periodontal regeneration 

Authors: BQ Le, JH Too, TC Tan, RAA Smith, V Nurcombe, SM Cool, N Yu

Address: National Dental Research Institute Singapore, National Dental Centre Singapore, 5 Second Hospital Avenue, Singapore 168938

E-mail: at

Abstract: Periodontitis is the most common inflammatory disease that leads to periodontal defects and tooth loss. Regeneration of alveolar bone and soft tissue in periodontal defects is highly desirable but remains challenging. A heparan sulphate variant (HS3) with enhanced affinity for bone morphogenetic protein-2 (BMP2) that, when combined with collagen or ceramic biomaterials, enhances bone tissue regeneration in the axial and cranial skeleton in several animal models was reported previously. In the current study, establishing the efficacy of a collagen/HS3 device for the regeneration of alveolar bone and the adjacent periodontal apparatus and related structures was sought. Collagen sponges loaded with phosphate-buffered saline, HS3, BMP2, or HS3 + BMP2 were implanted into surgically-created intra-bony periodontal defects in rat maxillae. At the 6 week end- point the maxillae were decalcified, and the extent of tissue regeneration determined by histomorphometrical analysis. The combination of collagen/HS3, collagen/BMP2 or collagen/HS3 + BMP2 resulted in a three to four-fold increase in bone regeneration and up to a 1.5 × improvement in functional ligament restoration compared to collagen alone. Moreover, the combination of collagen/HS3 + BMP2 improved the alveolar bone height and reduced the amount of epithelial growth in the apical direction. The implantation of a collagen/ HS3 combination device enhanced the regeneration of alveolar bone and associated periodontal tissues at amounts comparable to collagen in combination with the osteogenic factor BMP2. This study highlights the efficacy of a collagen/HS3 combination device for periodontal regeneration that warrants further development as a point-of-care treatment for periodontitis-related bone and soft tissue loss.

Key Words: Heparan sulphate, glycosaminoglycan, periodontal regeneration, bone tissue, alveolar bone, tooth, growth factor, bone morphogenetic protein-2.

Publication date: August 31st 2021

Article download: Pages 139-153 (PDF file)

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