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2021   Volume No 42 – pages 154-155

Title: Editorial – Infectious-disease research during a pandemic: the importance of global unity

Authors: W-J Metsemakers, HC van der Mei, RG Richards, TF Moriarty

Address: AO Research Institute Davos, Clavadelerstrasse 8, 7270, Davos Platz, Switzerland

E-mail: fintan.moriarty at

The orthopaedic and trauma community have faced the threat of infection since the introduction of operative fracture fixation many decades ago. The parallel emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance in clinically relevant pathogens has the potential to significantly complicate patient care. This editorial serves to provide a global context to the issue of antimicrobial resistance and how infectious disease research in general plays a crucial role both on a global scale as evidenced by the current pandemic, but also on a more personal scale for the daily management of orthopaedic trauma patients. The special issue on Orthopaedic Infection in the eCM journal provides a snapshot of the clinically relevant basic research that is being performed in this field.


Publication date: August 31st 2021

Article download: Pages 154-155 (PDF file)

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