eCM (Eur Cell Mater / e Cells & Materials) eCM Open Access Scientific Journal
 ISSN:1473-2262         NLM:100973416 (link)         DOI:10.22203/eCM

Volume No 46 July-December 2023

Pages 1-23: AS Croft, J Fuhrer, M Wöltje, B Gantenbein
Creating tissue with intervertebral disc-like characteristics using gdf5 functionalized silk scaffolds and human mesenchymal stromal cells

Pages 24-39: D Johnson, A Dunn, G Haas, J Madsen, J Robinson, C Tobo, N Ziemkiewicz, A Nagarapu, S Shringarpure, K Garg
Treatment of volumetric muscle loss in female rats with biomimetic sponges

Pages 40-56: D Yoon, S Peralta, N Fiani, GS Reeve, I Cohen, LJ Bonassar
Relationship between microscale shear modulus, composition, and structure in porcine, canine, and human temporomandibular-joint cartilage: relevance to disease and degeneration
Temporo-Mandibular Joint Special Issue manuscript

Pages 57-90: LT Laagland, FC Bach, FM Riemers, G Erdmann, TS Braun, GGH van den Akker, TC Schmitz, LB Creemers, C Sachse, CL Le Maitre, TJM Welting, K Ito, MF Templin, MA Tryfonidou
Notochordal cell-derived matrix inhibits MAPK signaling in the degenerative disc environment

Pages 91-118: JP Graham, LC Werba, I Federico, T Gonzalez-Fernandez
Crispr strategies for stem cell engineering: a new frontier in musculoskeletal regeneration
Gene Therapy for Musculoskeletal Applications Special Issue manuscript

Pages 119-137: Jon Luzuriaga, Nerea García-Urkia, Jone Salvador-Moya, Beatriz Pardo-Rodríguez, Iker Etxebarria, Francisco-Javier Fernandez-San-Argimiro, Beatriz Olalde, Fernando Unda, Jose Ramon Pineda, Iratxe Madarieta, Gaskon Ibarretxe
Changes in osteogenesis by human dental pulp stem cells on porcine decellularised adipose tissue solid foams of different porosity

Pages 138-153: A Šećerović, B Markelc, I Matić, A Frischer, A Hacobian, T Jesenko, M Cemazar, H Redl, D Marolt Presen, A Ivković
Fast and non-viral method to deliver plasmid DNA to human muscle-tendon graft used in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
Gene Therapy for Musculoskeletal Applications Special Issue manuscript

Pages 154-170: RE Sherwin, EB McGlinch, MA Barry, CM Lopez De Padilla, DR Montonye, CH Evans, A Atasoy-Zeybek
AAV-mediated, in vivo gene delivery to the rotator cuff
Gene Therapy for Musculoskeletal Applications Special Issue manuscript

Pages 171-194: EV Ely, AT Kapinski, SG Paradi, R Tang, F Guilak, KH Collins
Designer fat cells: adipogenic differentiation of CRISPR-Cas9 genome-engineered induced pluripotent stem cells

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