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Volume No 39 January - June 2020

Pages 1-17 J Du, RG Long, T Nakai, D Sakai, LM Benneker, G Zhou, B Li, D Eglin, JC Iatridis, M Alini, S Grad, Z Li
Functional cell phenotype induction with TGF-β1 and collagen-polyurethane scaffold for annulus fibrosus rupture repair

Pages 18-47 M Fusellier, J Clouet, O Gauthier, M Tryfonidou, C Le Visage, J Guicheux
Degenerative lumbar disc disease: in vivo data support the rationale for the selection of appropriate animal models

Pages 48-64 E Delve, V Co, SC Regmi, J Parreno, TA Schmidt, RA Kandel
YAP/TAZ regulates the expression of proteoglycan 4 and tenascin C in superficial-zone chondrocytes

Pages 65-76 M Alaqeel, MP Grant, LM Epure, O Salem, A AlShaer, OL Huk, SG Bergeron, DJ Zukor, R Kc, H-J Im, AN Anbazhagan, J Antoniou, F Mwale
Link N suppresses interleukin-1β-induced biological effects on human osteoarthritic cartilage


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