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Volume No 41 January - June 2021

Pages 1-14 M Ducret, A Costantini, S Gobert, J-C Farges, M Bekhouche
Fibrin-based scaffolds for dental pulp regeneration: from biology to nanotherapeutics
Dental Regenerative Biology special issue manuscript

Pages 15-30 R Björkenheim, E Jämsen, E Eriksson, P Uppstu, L Aalto-Setälä, L Hupa, KK Eklund, M Ainola, NC Lindfors, J Pajarinen
Sintered S53P4 bioactive glass scaffolds have anti-inflammatory properties and stimulate osteogenesis in vitro

Pages 31-39 N Kaibuchi, T Iwata, T Okamoto, Y Kawase-Koga, M Yamato
Cell therapy for medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw: update on treatment strategies
Dental Regenerative Biology special issue manuscript

Pages 40-51: ML Sennett, JM Friedman, BS Ashley, BD Stoeckl, JM Patel, M Alini, M Cucchiarini, D Eglin, H Madry, A Mata, C Semino, MJ Stoddart, B Johnstone, FT Moutos, BT Estes, F Guilak, RL Mauck, GR Dodge
Long term outcomes of biomaterial-mediated repair of focal cartilage defects in a large animal model

Pages 52-72: J Melrose, S Tessier, MV Risbud
Genetic murine models of spinal development and degeneration provide valuable insights into intervertebral disc pathobiology
Disc Biology special issue manuscript

Pages 73-89AJ Hayes, J Melrose
3D distribution of perlecan within intervertebral disc chondrons suggests novel regulatory roles for this multifunctional modular heparan sulphate proteoglycan
Disc Biology special issue manuscript

Pages 90-107S Tang, A Salazar-Puerta, J Richards, S Khan, JA Hoyland, D Gallego-Perez, B Walter, N Higuita-Castro, D Purmessur
Non-viral reprogramming of human nucleus pulposus cells with FOXF1 via extracellular vesicle delivery: an in vitro and in vivo study
Disc Biology special issue manuscript

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